Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waistcoat Card Tutorial

To make the waistcoat card you first need to print the template on a piece of A4 cardstock as shown and cut out each of the elements - please note that the full waistcoat front is a single unit, do not cut on the line that shows the overlap.  This is designed to exactly fit a piece of A5 cardstock folded in half (this is the colour of the shirt) if you do not use A5 cardstock the measurements are 5 13/16" x8 1/4"
With this in mind, cut out each of the elements.

The template in PDF form is here, ensure that you have scaling set to none and that the printer is printing in landscape mode.  Do not use the image below for printing, it is just a picture of what you will get.

This is what you should have when you have cut all the elements out:

On the shirt template there is a + between the collar pieces, using a piercing tool pierce the centre.  Fold your piece of A5 Cardstock in half (this is your shirt), place the shirt template on the front of the card and secure with clips, carefully cut away the top of the card using the template as a guide, using a pencil through the hole mark the centre point on the collar.

Open up and trim the collar off the back of the card.

Fold the top points of the collar down to the pencil mark and score the fold, the shirt should now look like this:

Next you need to trace the complete waistcoat, the hexagon and the tie bottom onto your chosen Designer Papers, sponge all the edges in a co-ordinating ink and add pen stitching using a Stampin' Write Marker, you should end up with this:

Now take the half waistcoat template and use it to draw in the overlap and as a mask to sponge some colour onto the overlap, add pen stitching.

Using the template from the mat pack and the 1/8" holes work out the placement for your buttons and use the template to draw the button circles onto the waistcoat, it should now look like this:

Using a Cropodile punch 3 3/8" circles from co-ordinating cardstock adhere over the circles you have drawn and add buttonholes using a Stampin' Write marker, it should now look like this:

Now it is time to assemble the card.  Place a Stampin' Dimentional on the back of the hexagon and adhere under the collar just covering the pencil mark you made earlier on the shirt, add the body of the tie, sliding it under the hexagon and centering it down the front of the card.  Adhere the waistcoat body over the top of the tie.

To finish off place a dimentional on each half of the collar and fold over the tie, you should now have something that looks like this:

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, believe it or not it has taken me all weekend to put it together! 

This tutorial is my gift to you as a fellow cardmaker, however, if you teach classes or sell your cards using this please consider using the tip jar on the template page to help motivate me to write more.  I will even e-mail you a PDF file of this tutorial if you do :-)

Have a great day


Keryn Campbell said...

Thanks Lynette, just what I was needing for my upcoming $2 Cardmaking Day.

Mary's Stamping said...

Great idea. Thanks

Danie M said...

Hi Lynette, thanks for sharing such a cute card idea.

Cheryl D from NY said...

My friend Judy from Australia sent me your blog and I am ever greatful to her - GREAT WORK!
Cheryl D.
Ballston Spa, NY, USA

Michele R said...

This is so cute, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

kcjilly said...

Love the card. Would love to have the pdf of the turtorial.

kcjilly said...

Love the card and tutorial. Would love to have the pdf of the turorial.

Chelle Fletch said...

Great card and super easy tutorial.going off to try it out now :0) thanx

Chelle Fletch said...
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Chelle Fletch said...

Did it will 3 of them actually as it was easy to use a template and do conveyor belt construction. I wish I could show you them but I don't know how to. thank you so much.

Chelle Fletch said...

Did it will 3 of them actually as it was easy to use a template and do conveyor belt construction. I wish I could show you them but I don't know how to. thank you so much.