Sunday, November 11, 2007

School Plays

My children were both in their school plays this year. Unfortunately the lighting and my distance from the stage didn't result in the best photos I have ever taken but I definitely wanted the occasions saved in my scrapbook so I decided to make quick and easy pages with minimal embellishments.

These pages were so quick to put together, I used a 12 x 12 piece of Brilliant Blue and Barely Banana, 2 A4 sheets of the same colour (I didn't trim them at all, I just attached them to the page with an even border on three sides - it is a bit hard to see in The Babes in Toyland one because the scanner I used isn't quite 12 inches wide), and 2 A4 sheets of Basic Black that I cut into quarters - it is so much more economical to cut 4 mats from one A4 sheet and crop the small amount needed to make them fit than to only get 2 mats from an A4 sheet and lots of scraps.

I hand drew the Truffular Trees on Only Orange, Yoyo Yellow and Glorious Green and covered them with dazzling diamonds. In the Babes in Toyland Layout I drew the elf shoe on Glorious Green and just cut it out.

The Lorax Title is actually a photo I took of the banner - I just cut each of the letters out and attached them to the layout. The Babes in Toyland title is done with my handy dandy Pure and Simple Alphabet Upper.

I have blacked out everyones faces except for my own children.

Devon was a Truffular Tree and a narrator in his schools version of The Lorax.

Natasha was a elf and kindly volunteered me to make 9 pairs of elf shoes in three different sizes. I don't quite know what this says about me but I had plenty of the right shade of green sweatshirting to make them. Thanks to the internet I found a pattern that I could adjust to fit everyone! By the time I had finished them everyone was used to me saying "Have I told you lately how much I hate elf shoes!".


Keryn Campbell said...

Being volunteered to make elf shoes is that you get for being multi talented.

Heather said...

"I don't quite know what this says about me but I had plenty of the right shade of green sweatshirting to make them. "

Boy can I relate! No matter what unusual item or tool my family needs I most likely have something that will work in my craft area!

Nutmeg said...

Nice Lynette! My 2 kids were in these productions too, we'll have to compare pages! (I too drew Truffula trees, lucky they're easy enough)