Thursday, October 29, 2009

When Craf becomes Crap

Hi this is Lynette’s’ Dear Hubby, silly girl managed to guess her password, so much for security :-).
The reason for hijacking her blog is to tell you the story of the craft repressed hubby, when Craft become’s Crap.
Having been with her for over 25 years there’s some things you get beaten to accepting.
Her craft room is a mess and is full of stuff you don’t touch, that I accept.
The dining table is going to be covered with project in various stages of completion, that’s ok.
The design that she has just come up with for the pending workshop is going to be the topic of conversation until the completion of said workshop. Yes dear that looks great, I like the way you have used that thingy, normally get you by.
The endless paper packing material that has more flame retardant than paper (it doesn’t burn well) and the boxes filling the craft room and lounge I can tolerate, however after a particularly busy week recently my story starts.
Guests coming round for a workshop, That’s OK I’m at work. Order arrives, That’s OK I’m at work. Get home late (tuff day), no dinner, she has been designing for the next workshop, that’s normal, Manage to get by cooking the meat on the BBQ while Lyn does the vegies, that’s OK. Listen to how hard it has been to come up with the new design for the next workshop, standard replies from above seam to be working, that’s OK. By this stage it’s getting late and I decide to head off to bed, as I said tuff day, get into the bedroom turn on the light and there’s an order on my side of the bed, suitable ruffled to ensure that the contents is what was ordered.
Now here’s the sad part, I pick it up and place it lovingly on her side of the bed and tuck myself in. That’s when you know the craft component in your life has become Crap and it’s time to get grumpy.
So all of you guys out there who think you have it tough with craft crap I’m more than happy to swap, seriously.


Anonymous said...

Hi dear Hubby
When this situation next occurs (as I'm sure it will!), close your eyes and imagine your world without Lynette in it. That would be empty indeed! Then give thanks for her and get a good night's sleep. :)

Michelle said...

LOL, you should follow the lead of my Dear Hubby and become Lynette's Supporting demonstrator. That way, what's her crap is your crap, and vice versa, just the way it should be! Delve a little deeper into those lovely brown boxes and you might just come to love it too

Jenn said...

Oh dear, my husband can soooo relate to this! If it is any consolation, you're not the only sufferer of a house (and bedroom) full of "crap" (although like beauty - in this case craft, it is in the eyes on the beholder!). Cheers!