Friday, October 26, 2007

Next Years Diary

I got an On Board Art Journal with the intention of using it for next years diary. As usual I couldn't bear to touch it in case I messed it up! I told myself I just had to suck it up and do it and this is the result - it is exactly what I want and I am thrilled with how it came out.

How did I get started? I decided I wanted neutral tones so I picked up my Basic Brown pad and a sponge dauber and started sponging around the outside of the cover, by the time I had finished that I had found my confidence and went hunting in my stash with bits to dress it up. Somehow I felt that once the sponging was there it was no longer perfect so I gave myself permission to play - go figure :-)

I played with my On Board Accents (once again stashed because they were too precious to use - I really have to get over this), designer paper, hodgepodge hardware, ribbon I had previously dyed using a basic brown reinker and a sanding block to name a few. I stuck everything down with Crystal Effects - darn I love that stuff - and glazed the On Board Accents with it to protect them, the outside was done (or maybe a work in progress. there is still plenty of room to add more treasures) and the effect was great!

To do the diary pages I made a universal calendar template in word and printed it out, trimmed it and stuck it to the inside page with Crystal Effects. I then wrote the dates in, stamped the month and generally had a blast stamping everything else, the second page I just ruled and stamped. I will be using this primarily for workshop bookings so the 10 blocks are ample (I never intend doing more than 10 workshops a month).

To use my diary I just write the name of the person hosting the workshop on the main calendar, write the date at the top of one of the rectangles on the second page followed by their details - simple to follow and I can see at a glance where I can slot people in. Best of all I can also block out days that I can't work for personal reasons (such as my sons birthday).

I think I will be able to fit a few years worth in this journal and love that I create each and every month the way I want to! If I need an extra page for some reason it won't be a problem to insert using the spiral punch.

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